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The Retail Store MADE IN was established in 1981 in Cologne. The Store was one of the first Street-Fashion Stores in Europe. Out of this experience, the MADE IN CORPORATION distribution was founded in 1992. The company for streetwear and action sports business gained immense experience and built a huge network over the European market. Over the years, the MADE IN CORPORATION distributed and worked with brands like Atticus Clothing, Captain Fin, Ezekiel, Fuct, Kastel Shoes, Lowlife Belts, Macbeth Footwear, Rice Shoes, Shut Skateboards, Stoopid, Urban Outfitters, Vita Shoes and Zoo York among others.

The Distribution is based in Cologne, including its own warehouse and offices.

Made In Corporation GmbH
Stolbergerstr. 90d
50933 Köln, Germany

Office +49 221 5005570

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Made In Corp. Logo